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Frequently Asked Questions
Question Answer
01 Should I contact the ferry company before the sailing date to verify departure details?
02 Q. Can my e-ticket/ticket/voucher/boarding card be used with any ferry company operating on the same route?
03 Q. What happens in the event of my booked ferry being delayed or cancelled by the ferry company?
04 Q. What is the latest time for 'check-in' at the ferry company's office in the port and can I check-in the day before, or online?
05 Q. Do I need to obtain a visa in advance for entry into Turkey?
06 Q. What are the regulations relating to taking a foreign registered car into Turkey?
07 Q. What is the difference between the Cruise Port and the Castle Port in Bodrum and which port should I go to?
08 Q. Can I take my pet onto the ferry, is there a charge and what documents do I need?
09 Q. Can I cancel my ferry booking and will I get a refund?
10 Q. After I make the booking, how will I receive the ferry ticket?
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